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Co-organized with FAO as an official event of AMARC 11 World Conference, this Forum will be an opportunity to foster dialogue on the role of communication for resilient livelihoods and inclusive rural development, and to increase collaboration between farmers’ organizations, development programmes and community media.

It is a follow-up to the international FCCM event (Rome, 2014) and will focus in particular on the African region.  Read more



Delivering climate services for farmers and pastoralists through interactive radio

Conducted by CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), in partnership with Farm Radio International in Tanzania and Farm Radio Trust in Malawi, this scoping study assesses demand, opportunities and potential for the use of radio and mobile phones to deliver climate information services at scale for farmers and pastoralists.  Read more 


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Participate in AMARC/FAO survey 

AMARC has launched a survey to map the work of its affiliates, community media networks and communication practitioners engaged in communication for rural development as a basis for further cooperation with FAO. Take the chance to highlight your work!  Read more 


Discussing communication and family farming at WRF conference 

The 5th conference of the World Rural Forum (WRF) will continue the dialogue and collaboration initiated by the IYFF. An open event will discuss the contribution of farmer-led communication and community media to the livelihoods of family farmers.  Read more 


Communication networks and challenges of farmers in Bangladesh 

Public agricultural extension occupies a central position in the communication network of local farmers in Bangladesh. A study conducted in Amtali reveals that rural communication services provided by the government remain the most accessed and trusted source of information on saline tolerant rice variety.  Read more 


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