Marquise Blair Jersey  Continental Summit of Indigenous Communication in Bolivia

Continental Summit of Indigenous Communication in Bolivia

boliviaFrom 14 to 18 November 2016, the Department of Cochabamba in Bolivia will host the III Continental Summit of Indigenous Communication of Abya Yala (the Americas), an event organized by the five indigenous organizations of the Unity Pact of Bolivia. Indigenous media professionals and amateurs from all states of Latin America will gather to debate, exchange experiences and reflect on how to strengthen the communication processes of Indigenous Peoples. 

The summit aims to be an opportunity for generating proposals to advance towards technological sovereignty and to face the challenges of indigenous communication from a rights-based perspective. Participants will also explore the possibility of a greater access and use of Internet and ICTs by Indigenous Peoples, to develop their own narratives and contribute to decolonization with equity.

"La comunicaciĆ³n descolonizadora  y transformadora, un instrumento de lucha de los pueblos del Abya Yala y del mundo" (Transformative communication for decolonization, a tool for the fight of indigenous peoples of the Americas and the world) is the theme of this third edition of the summit, with over 1500 participants expected.

The Summit will provide a space for:

  • Reflections and proposals on communication and development, access to technology, digital divide, indigenous TV
  • Practical labs to improve access and use of ICT, TV, open software, etc. 
  • International audiovisual exhibit

To know more about the event and the previous editions, visit the page (in Spanish).

IPcommunicationIn preparation to the Continental Summit, an international meeting on TV, technological challenges and indigenous rights took place from 15 to 18 March, 2016 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The event was organized by indigenous, native and peasant organizations of the Unity Pact of Bolivia.

Dozens of journalists, indigenous filmmakers originating from national and international groups reflected on the opportunities and perspectives for native indigenous television in Bolivia and in other Latin American countries.

For more information, click here (in Spanish).

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