Marquise Blair Jersey  FAO project restores Mosul’s key irrigation canals

FAO project restores Mosul’s key irrigation canals

FAOIraqSome 200,000 people from Mosul and across Iraq will be able to earn an income for the first time since the Islamic State of the Levant (ISIL) took parts of the area in 2014 through a new FAO project that is restoring irrigation of 250,000 hectares of farmland.

Through the cash-for-work component of the project, it can support vulnerable families who need money for daily needs, including food and clothes, heating and transport. Participants are clearing the main canal of the northern Al Jazeera irrigation scheme of dirt, stones and debris, which will allow it to again feed small canals throughout the farming landscape.

Moreover, FAO also repaired the pumping station that feeds the canal system from Mosul Dam. Also, for the first time, the agency is collaborating with a demining company to clear valuable farmland around the canals of undetonated ordinances, so farmers can plant crops and graze their livestock safely.

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Photo taken from the FAO page

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