Marquise Blair Jersey  Call for researchers: policy frameworks for digital platforms

Call for researchers: policy frameworks for digital platforms

IDRC IT4ChangeA14-month period research project, ‘Policy Frameworks for digital platforms-Moving from openness to inclusion’ supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada will begin on October 2017.

IT for Change aims to collaborate with researchers and scholars from seven sites: three in Asia, two in Africa, two in South America, and three in Europe and North America.

Research outputs could vary depending on research themes and methodologies. However, the teams are expected to produce the following:

·       A country state of play report scoping the legal-institutional context as pertinent to the platform economy

·       Two case studies aligned with the project objectives and research questions

·       Short write ups over the course of the project

·       End-of-project report carrying the synthesis from case studies and state of play document

·       Short, end-of-project policy brief

Interested participants must submit a brief expression of interest by 31 August 2017. Per site, a total of USD 13000 will be provided to the research teams.

Interested researchers may submit their application to with subject line, Application: Platform policies and must include the completed project application, most recent CV and two research publications of the team members.

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