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Communication for Rural Development Sourcebook

Communication for Rural Development Sourcebook

sourcebook[2014] Jointly developed by FAO and the College of Development Communication of the University of the Philippines Los Banos, this comprehensive sourcebook compiles a full set of guidelines, methodologies and tips for applying communication to agricultural and rural development initiatives. It aims to enable learners to design and implement locally relevant and sustainable communication strategies, combining participatory methods with appropriate communication processes and tools. The Sourcebook guides through all phases of a ComDev process:

Module 1. Introduction to ComDev planning
Module 2. Participatory communication appraisal
Module 3. Designing the ComDev strategy and plan
Module 4. Implementing the ComDev plan
Module 5. Participatory message and materials development
Module 6. Assessing results and fostering sustainability
Module 7. Applying ComDev to rural development challenges

In addition, a Guide to ComDev Training provides practical tips for delivering effective ComDev training using the Sourcebook, including how to tailor-fit the content to stakeholders’ learning needs and practical aspects such as venue, duration, training methods or learning aids. 

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