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Professional study incorporates Comdev in its curriculum

CSTtrainingCommunication for Development (ComDev) constitutes one of the modules for the 1.5 - year off-campus degree on Professional Masters in Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management (TMEM) in the Philippines. Under the course TMEM 211, the subject introduces students to Comdev as being constitutive of the job of any marine protected area manager. The subject covers strategic ComDev planning for TMEM where students are taught how to develop communication plan aimed at addressing selected issues confronting their marine resources.     

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Community radios against impunity

impunityen2015updatemedIn support of the World Day against Impunity for Crimes against Journalists on 2 November 2016, AMARC launches a worldwide campaign for the safety of journalists that will highlight the work of journalists and producers of community radio. 

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“Voice & Matter Communication, Development and the Cultural Return”

orecommbook2016“Voice and Matter is an outstanding collection that will reinstate the centrality and urgency of Communication for Development as an area of research and a field of practice. Edited by Ørecomm co-directors Thomas Tufte and Oscar Hemer, the book highlightsvast expertise in the field of ComDev

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Philippines publishes new climate change guidebook

klimaThe recently released Klima 101: A Climate Change Guidebook for Philippine Journalists aims to help journalists and editors, including journalism teachers and trainers, to navigate and understand scientific issues better.

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FCCM blog

Rural radio network in Argentina: Sowing words, harvesting rights

INTAradios1Written by Cora Gornitzky, INTA Argentina

From the Highlands to the Patagonia and from the sea to the Andes, "Sembramos Palabras, Cosechamos Derechos" (“Sowing words, harvesting rights”) is a community media initiative that gives voice to 19 rural radios managed by farmer organizations in rural and peri-urban areas of 12 provinces of the Republic of Argentina. A territorial experience that marks the opening of doors to basic rights such as habitat, land, water and marketing.

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Red de radios rurales de Argentina - Sembramos Palabras, Cosechamos Derechos

INTAradios1Escrito por Cora Gornitzky (IPAF Región Pampeana – INTA Argentina)

De la Puna a la Patagonia y del mar a los Andes, "Sembramos Palabras, Cosechamos Derechos" es una iniciativa de comunicación comunitaria que articula 19 radios rurales gestionadas por las organizaciones campesinas en entornos rurales y periurbanos de 12 provincias de la República Argentina. Una experiencia territorial que marca una puerta de acceso a derechos básicos como el hábitat, la tierra, el agua y la comercialización.Read more ...

Rural communication takes centre stage in the development agenda of Latin America

LAmediaWritten by the CCComDev team

A Regional Forum on Territorial Development, Innovation and Rural Communication took place in Brazil from 12-13 November. More than 100 participants from 15 Latin American countries came together to share experiences of rural communication and innovation and discuss the need for institutional frameworks. 

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PLATICAR: creating an agricultural knowledge system

Formacion de formadoresWritten by Laura Ramírez, INTA Costa Rica

PLATICAR is a knowledge ecosystem developed in Costa Rica with an ICT for agriculture approach, based on communication for development and knowledge management processes.

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